Wedding Planning Checklist – Start Planning the Perfect Wedding Today

If you have your heart set on getting married at a particular venue in your local town, then the first item on your checklist would naturally be to secure your date with that venue.

All of the other arrangements would fall into place around that venue. Most brides and grooms place a heavy emphasis on some element of the wedding that matters most to them.

That element would be at the top of any checklist, but that key element changes from one couple to another.

What does not change is the basic list of planning duties that must be completed prior to any wedding.

The following wedding planning checklist will cover all of those bases, but make sure you rearrange the order and set a timeline when creating your personal wedding checklist.

  • 1. Determine your budget. Every decision you make in the planning process will come back to the budget, so make sure you know your limit and monitor closely.
  • 2. Arrange the people. You need a guest list and a wedding party, but there are a lot of little people-related decisions that also must be made.

For instance, can all of your guests bring a date? Are children invited to the reception? Will all guests be invited to the ceremony and the reception?

  • 3. Seal the deal with your chosen venue.

Determine whether your ceremony and reception will be held in one place or separate places, and put down your deposits to set the date at all applicable venues.

Make sure your venue does not eat up too much of your budget.

  • 4. Get down to the details of décor. Set your wedding colors and/or theme, and start looking through magazines and websites to come up with creative ideas for a budget-friendly yet beautiful wedding.

You need to meet with professionals able to provide a cake, reception food, table centerpieces, corsages, and many other items that bring a wedding together.

This is where you may consider hiring a wedding planner to handle the smaller details, if that is possible with your budget.

  • 5. Pick out dresses, tuxedos, or other wedding attire.

The wedding dress may seem like the most important piece of attire for your wedding day, but you also need to choose clothing for your wedding party and the groom.

Depending on your budget and personal desires, you may also play a part in selecting attire for the parents of the bride and groom.

Planning a wedding is stressful, but it is far less chaotic when you have a wedding planning checklist.

Use this checklist as a starting point. Place these ideas in order of priority for your wedding, and then expand each section to detail specific actions you need to take to complete your perfect wedding. Create a timeline for each item on the checklist and focus on one small task at a time.

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