Mother of the Groom Speech Writing Tips

Your son’s wedding will be one of the biggest events in his life, and you do not want to be the highlight of that event.

You want him to fondly remember his first dance holding his wife in his arms, the delicious cake, and the frogs jumping around in his stomach just before the ceremony.

You want him to remember that you were there to love and support him, but you do not want him to remember that you stood up and made a mother of the groom speech that took the focus off him and placed it on you.

Your speech should be sentimental, touching, and full of love, but it should not go on for ten minutes. Brief, concise, and warm is what you are aiming for, and the following tips will help you write a speech that your son will forever remember with fondness.

Keep It Positive

No matter what you may think of this other woman moving into your son’s life, you have to keep the focus of your mother of the groom speech positive.

If you do not feel comfortable saying anything nice about this person, just focus on your son and how happy she makes him. Try your best to see the positive in her, since your son has obviously found a lot to love in her. Spend some time with her and you might start to see what he loves so much.

You also do not want to mention your son’s ex-girlfriends or mistakes experienced in his love life. If you imagine him turning beet red in front of the family when you bring something up, then you know it is something he may not want mentioned at his wedding. Keep the focus on things he will not find mortifying or embarrassing.

Memories and Hopes of the Future

Do not hesitate to tell your son and his bride what you hope for their future together. You can focus some on memories of the past, and then take it to what you pray will come for them in the years to come as well…

Commend them on the relationship they have managed to build and the love that you see in their eyes when they look at one another.

Welcome his bride into the family and make her feel just as accepted and loved as your son will feel after hearing your mother of the groom speech.

Jokes Not Required

You can win over the room with a warm hello and smile. Do not feel pressured to open with a joke unless you have something original that you can say in a natural fashion.

If it feels forced or is not all that funny, your speech will start out on a sour note. Stick with warmth, love, and celebratory words if that is what feels natural to you.

The most important tip you will ever receive is this: keep it short. Say what you want to say in an eloquent, concise manner, then sit down and let someone else toast the happy couple. You can give your son and his wife a more extensive personal letter at a later date if you feel it is necessary.

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