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If you need advice on writing a great maid of honor wedding speeches THE FIRST TIME then keep reading below!

This page contains everything you need to know in order to start AND FINISH your ideal wedding speech today, without suffering through writer’s block and other difficulties.

I’m going to reveal how I went from being lost and not knowing what to do to coming up with a great speech that had my parents, aunts and uncles and more important my sister, the bride, applauding, laughing and cheering at the reception!

My Story…

I come from a large family and weddings are always a huge deal. When my sister and her boyfriend of seven years announced they were getting married, my sister asked me to be her maid of honor. I knew that along with planning and organizing, I would be expected to give a speech about the newlyweds.

I Was Horrified…

I had never given a speech before and I hated public speaking.

I looked online for maid of honor speeches but I couldn’t find any websites that made it easy for me to just sit down and write down everything I wanted to say about my sister in a nice way.

I spent weeks on end searching the web for speech templates, public speaking advice, anything that could help me with this task.

My search was totally useless. At first, I found practically nothing that was useful. Sure, there were tips on speaking but what about actually writing a great speech that my family would love and remember?


I was at the end of my rope. My garbage can was overflowing with discarded attempts at speech writing when I found two websites that totally changed my fortune.

The sites I found were: (#1 in wedding speeches on the internet, used by thousands!)

These two products, it turns out, are the two most widely used speech writing products available on the internet.

They had already been tried and tested, proven to help someone like me write a great wedding speech, even though I had never done it before.

I was skeptical at first.
How could the years of growing up with my sister, living together, laughing together, and all of the memories we share be put into words by a product?

The answer is the secret to why it works.

YOU provide the history, the good times and embarrassing stories, IT shows you how to put them together into a great speech that will WOW all the guests.

This product does not write the speech for you. You want to write it yourself though, because it has to be original to be special.

This product helps you organize what you want to say into a great speech and gives you tips on how to deliver it will in your big moment.

This product also gives advice on what to include, what to leave out and what to emphasize.

This product SAVED ME, and I couldn’t have made my sister’s big day so special without it.


  • When giving your speech you need to look personable so people can relate to you.
  • You will already be dressed up and made up for the occasion but it’s equally important to act the part!
  • Practice standing up straight, smiling warmly and being relaxed while you practice your speech in front of the mirror.

This way it will come naturally in your big moment and you will appear calm and confident.


Your speech will be remembered for the WRONG REASONS IF:

  • You talk for too long. Your speech should not take more than 8-10 minutes. Anything longer will risk boring your audience and will be talked about for years afterward!
  • You speak too slowly. Practice in front of the mirror, time yourself and pace yourself so you get through your speech. This will allow you to say what you want to but still keep it short.


Have fun! Remember that your speech shouldn’t be too serious.

You may want to highlight some of the bride’s accomplishments or talk about her relationship with the groom, but a wedding is a celebration!

Don’t talk about anything too serious, keep subject matter light and don’t say anything that someone might find offensive.

Your speech should flatter the bride, but not at the expense of the guests. Remember to tell funny stories!

Next Step: Access the rest of the advice you need to WRITE and DELIVER in your BIG MOMENT!!!

If you found the above advice useful (I know I did) then check out the above websites and get access to everything you need to write the best speech. You can see what the cost is and what other features are included that can help you get started right away.

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4 Responses to “Maid of Honor Speeches”

  1. Madeline says:

    I do live seminars all the time, so I’m very comfortable with public speaking but the speech writing for my sister feels very much different than doing it for a job. I want the audience to learn who she is, but at the same token I want my sister to know how much I love her. If a professional speaker struggles with wedding speeches, then I can already imagine how difficult it is for the average folks lol.

  2. Savannah says:

    Giving speech is going to be nerve racking no matter what, but before I can suffer for it I need to come up with a speech first. I’m a terrible writer so I don’t even want to try at writing a speech on my own and I’m just going to give the speech writing guides a try and see which one’s better.

  3. Bella says:


    Really enjoying your wedding speeches website so far, but I have a question about maid of honor speeches that I hope you can answer. I want to know what’s a good length for this kind of wedding speech? What should I talk about? I am having lots of trouble preparing and really need help writing my maid of honour wedding speech.

    • Adam says:

      There’s no need to panic! Our guide includes all of the information needed to get started and write the great speech you’ve been dreaming of. It’s simple to get and easy to start writing right away with fantastic results. I have been consulting on speeches as a wedding planner for years, so take advantage of all my experience and use the guide for the best idea of what to do.

      In essence though, you want to write a short 5-10 minute speech that talks about the bride, how you know her and hopefully shares a short story that everyone can find heartwarming or endearing. If your speech has all of those ingredients, everyone should be pleased with it. Remember to speak from the heart and best of luck writing your maid of honour wedding speech 🙂

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