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John Wilson, Belinda Hamilton, and Your Wedding Speech…

John Wilson, Belinda HamiltonIf you have been asked to deliver any type of wedding speech, there are two names you need to be introduced to today: John Wilson, Belinda Hamilton. These names may not be familiar to you right now, but after giving this wedding speech you may be glad that you got to know them. They are the authors of multiple books on the art of crafting wedding speeches, and they have put together a comprehensive guide to writing maid of honor, best man, groom/bride, and father/mother of the bride speeches.

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If you have to stand up in front of a crowd and make a speech before family members and friends, you need the help of John Wilson and Belinda Hamilton. In creating their books and guides to help others write amazing wedding speeches, they have done all of the research that you do not have time to do for yourself.

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What research could possibly go into creating a book on wedding speech writing? It actually takes far more work than you may imagine. In order to craft a wedding speech that will capture the attention of the crowd and leave a lasting impression, you have to understand how to use language to reach out to others in a clear, concise, yet meaningful manner. You have to learn how to use quotes, one-liner jokes, and other resources to put the final punch into a speech.

You also have to know when not to use quotes and one-liners. You have to know the difference between a well written speech that makes an impact and an overwritten speech that screams of desperation and cheesy one-liners that are not actually funny. It is difficult to know where the lines are unless you have done the research that John Wilson and Belinda Hamilton have done through the years.

In order to put together their books and guides on wedding speech creation, they have attended all of the best conferences on the subjects. They have met up with professional writers, wedding industry professionals, public speeches, and everyday people who have gone through the experience of crafting their own speeches for weddings.

The John Wilson Belinda Hamilton duo has also taken the time to talk with everyday people who are trying to put together wedding speeches. They have learned about all of the obstacles that are encountered by people who are not professional writers, but who need to put together speeches that could have been written by professional writers.

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All of this research makes John Wilson and Belinda Hamilton overly qualified to create books and guides related to the art of crafting wedding speeches that make an impact on others. They know that you do not want your speech to be forgettable. They understand that you may want to get a chuckle out of the crowd and tug at their heart strings a little. More importantly, they understand your needs and understand how to fix the obstacles you will come up against while trying to meet those needs.

You may not know who John Wilson and Belinda Hamilton are today, but you could be very glad to get to know them in the future. If you have a wedding speech to write, they are your best friends right now.

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