Father of the Bride Speech

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The father of the bride has one of the toughest jobs at a traditional wedding.

Traditionally, the father of the bride has to walk his daughter down the aisle, a ritual that symbolizes giving his daughter away to her new husband.

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Additionally, although the father does not traditionally help much with wedding planning and organization, he often helps to pay for everything as a wedding present.

Finally, the father of the bride usually wants to give a speech at the reception and this is the subject of this article.

Check out our top tips for writing a great father of the bride speech.

 Give the groom your approval

The father of the bride is the most important man at the wedding next to the groom.

It is important for him to approve of everything that goes on, from the flowers, to dinner, to the cake.

The whole reason for the wedding is that you have accepted the groom into your family and you are willing to trust him in taking care of your daughter. For most fathers, this is a very big deal!

Your speech should first and foremost be directed towards your son-in-law, acknowledging that he is a good man and that you can trust that your daughter is in good hands.

You went through the trouble of making sure he was the right guy before agreeing that your daughter could marry him.

Now it’s important to let him know in front of your family and his that he has your approval.

 Talk about raising your daughter

Wedding guests are there to celebrate the lives of the newlyweds, both past, present and future.

They love hearing stories about your daughter when she was a little girl or about your views at the beginning of her relationship with her new husband.

It’s great if you can talk about how she acted when she was first around her new husband, what it was like when you first met him or how you realized they would eventually get married.

If you can recall further back, it’s also great to include stories from when your daughter was just a little girl.

Maybe she planned her wedding when she was in Kindergarten for a joke, or said something funny about wanting to be married one day.

Remember things from your daughter’s childhood can be very special to her and will show everyone how much you love your daughter.

 Thank your guests

Weddings ought to be a once in a lifetime event and people will come from far and wide to attend.

Make sure you give a big thank you to everyone who made the effort to be there.

Try to mention anyone in particular who you know came a very long way.

 Final Thoughts

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4 Responses to “Father of the Bride Speech”

  1. James says:

    I’ve been struggling to find the right balance between the stories and the jokes. Actually to be honest I don’t really have that many good jokes to begin with. It’s my baby girl’s wedding and I don’t want to mess this up for anything. I want to make sure this goes perfectly for her and I need this speech written well. I was thinking of actually hiring a speech writer, but I’ll give the wedding speech for all a try first before I commit to that.

  2. Christopher says:

    You just don’t know how difficult something is until you tried it firsthand. I’ve always been pretty good at writing essays in school and because of that I thought I’d be pretty good at writing speeches too, but the two as it turns out has little to do with each other. I’m starting to realize why some speech writers get paid top dollars for their work. Well, I don’t have the money to spend on a speech writer, so the next best thing would be a guide to get this done right.

  3. Joe says:

    I’ve been to so many weddings where people wrote bad speeches and talked for way too long. I am so scared of being this person that I’ve opted to purchase the guide to make sure I can do a good job and give an awesome speech. I just checked out the guide and it’s phenomenal, after just a few short minutes I’ve got plenty of great ideas and I’m almost ready to start writing. I think I can start with a final draft, I feel so prepared. Can you offer any advice on how to stay calm during my speech?

    • Adam says:

      Hi Joe,
      Father of the Bride speeches are really important, but that’s no reason to worry too much. Everyone around you wants you to do well, people are hoping that you succeed! If you contrast this with things like a presidential debate, half the people there would want you to fail!

      There’s no reason to feel that kind of pressure though, just stay calm and practice well in advance. Give your speech in front of the mirror a few times. I sometimes have a drink or two first just to settle my nerves before I give a big speech…

      I wouldn’t recommend getting drunk though, that would go badly! The important thing is just to imagine you’re talking with some close friends and there’s no pressure and your wedding speech will go over very well. Best of luck!

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