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Is your daughter expecting an amazing mother of the bride speech on her special day? Are you worried that your best man speech jokes will completely bomb in front of five hundred people? If you are anything less than 100% confident in the wedding speech you have put together, you need the advice of Dan Stevens. If you are struggling to get a single word down on the page, then you definitely need Dan’s guidance.

Meet Daniel Stevens…

Daniel Stevens is also known as Dan Stevens in the wedding industry. He has written six books related to writing wedding speeches, along with his partner Sally Samuels. Together, they have crafted helpful books to guide everyday people through the process of crafting memorable wedding day speeches.

These books are different from many others on the market because they each focus on specific types of wedding speeches. For instance, one book focuses exclusively on mother of the bride speeches while others focus exclusively on groom speeches and father of the bride speeches. Focusing each book on a specific type of speech allows the authors to give more in-depth information than can be received through a general book that lumps all types of speeches together.

Daniel Stevens is qualified to write these books because he has written amazing wedding speeches in his own life. He has also spoken with a lot of people struggling to write their own wedding speeches, so he knows exactly what you are going through whether you are the mother of the bride or the groom’s childhood best friend.

Professional Knowledge…

Besides personal experience writing wedding speeches, Daniel Stevens has also taken the time to learn from professional writers and public speakers, as well as professionals within the wedding industry. You do not have the time to track down all of these professionals and interview them before you craft your own wedding speech. Dan made the time to do it for you, because he wants to create understandable, simple guides that make the process of writing speeches more enjoyable.

When you have this knowledge and expertise at your fingertips, you have a huge advantage over someone writing their speech with no guidance at all. You are capable of writing a decent speech on your own, but you may not have the knowledge needed to structure the speech for maximum impact on your audience. There is an art to public speaking, and it takes some knowledge and experience to craft a great speech and deliver it perfectly. Dan Stevens takes care of the knowledge aspect with his detailed wedding speech books.

Beyond Book Knowledge…

When Dan Stevens puts together a resource related to wedding speeches, he goes beyond the step-by-step guides. He also offers a wide selection of sample speeches, speech jokes, and quotations that could be used in a speech. He delivers all resources needed to craft a memorable speech, and he offers them in one convenient location. That is exactly what you get through his website, Wedding Speeches 4 U.

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There are a lot of people you can follow when preparing for an upcoming wedding, but few will be as knowledgeable and accessible as Dan Stevens. Look him up and follow him to the perfect speech for your big day.


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