How to Write a Bride Wedding Speech

Bride Wedding SpeechBrides are no longer limited to showing up to the ceremony and reception ready to say “I do” and have a good time…

Many brides are now taking a more active part in the wedding reception by giving their own speech to their family and friends.

If you like the idea of addressing your wedding party and guests on your wedding day, you should write your speech ahead of time… This will ensure you do not stumble over your words or mentally blank out when all eyes are on you…

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 Brainstorm First

If you stare at the blank page or computer screen and have no idea where to start, give yourself permission to just write without focus and clarity. Rather than jumping right into writing your speech, take time to write freely about your ideas for the ceremony, your relationship, and the people who will be at your wedding. You can go back through and pull out lines and ideas that you want to include in your final version. You now have something on the page to start with.

One free-writing method is to write a word or name at the top of the page and start writing whatever comes to mind. You can set a timer for 10 minutes and commit to writing until the timer sounds. Start with your thoughts on your soon-to-be-spouse and then free-write around other names and wedding-related words to get ideas for your speech.

Borrow Words

Reading quotes and love poems can help you to find further inspiration. You may even want to include a line of a poem or quote as part of your speech, or you may just use these resources as starting points for your own ideas, to which you can then add your personal touch, contextual jokes, and other points that will combine successfully-proven ideas and your own references to make for the perfect speech!

 Revise, Revise, Revise

If you feel anxious about writing, give yourself permission to write poorly. Tell yourself that you are just writing the first draft, and perfection is not necessary. First, get the basic ideas on the page and in paragraph form. You are then in the position to move things around, reword, or delete as necessary. If the wedding date gets too close for comfort and you still are not happy with your progress, ask someone you trust to help you put the final touches on the page.

Speech Advice…

Make sure you give yourself time to practice your speech. You do not necessarily have to memorize every word… As long as you have a solid draft to practice from, you can remember the basic ideas and let your thoughts flow freely from there!

You may want to make a cheat sheet on an index card and have it with you during the wedding.  Many people use cheat sheets to say their vows; why not your own speech?

This cheat sheet should have a list of words that will trigger your memory on the order of the ideas and sentences…

The advice on the following websites will help lighten the load tremendously. You can use these trusted resources to help think of main ideas, themes, jokes, and much more!

Using these websites will ensure that your speech is of the highest quality when it is most important. Getting your ideas and emotions out to your friends and family is a vital and wonderful part of every wedding. Reading these important points will help make your speech become one of the highlights of the day! Visit below to learn the do’s and dont’s.

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