Best Man Speeches that Hit the Spot

As a best man, you are in a unique position. The mother of the groom will stand up and cry through her speech and the guests will find that endearing and sweet. If you stand up and shed a tear, you will find it horrifying and embarrassing. The guests may still find it sweet, but you may not want to be so sweet in front of a large crowd.

This is what makes writing best man speeches so complicated. How do you tell someone who means a lot to you what you hope for their future and have cherished from your history together without getting overly sentimental?

Find a Tasteful Funny Focus

If you can think of one humorous memory from your history with the groom, you can write your entire speech rather quickly.

Best man speeches do not have to be long. In fact, they should not be so long that you lose your audience or turn the focus of the event onto yourself.

The humorous memory you use should not embarrass the groom or disrespect the bride in any manner, so make sure you find something that everyone can appreciate and laugh about.

You are looking for a funny incident that will help you highlight why you love the groom and are standing up at his wedding. You use the funny focus to show your love for the groom in a not-so-intimate manner.

There are two ways that a funny focus can backfire:

  •  Others may not find it funny.
  •  It may only be relevant or relatable to you and the groom.

While it is okay to draw on events that only you and the groom remember, the reference should be explained enough that everyone in the room gets the point. If your funny focus is a shared secret, it won’t have much impact on anyone else in the room…

Start with something memorable between you and the groom and make it into a joke or comment that everyone can enjoy.

Do Not Fear Love

Best man speeches often evoke tears of happiness and sentimentality in the groom, the bride, and others in attendance. Do not be afraid of telling the groom how much you care about them and have enjoyed having them in your life.

Do not shy away from telling the bride how happy she has made the groom and what a change in him you have seen since they met.

You can leave the sentimental comments for the end of the speech so you can quickly escape to your seat if this type of speech makes you uncomfortable, but do not shy away from adding words of warmth and love into the speech if that is what you feel.

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