Best Man Speech Jokes

 How to Write Effective Best Man Speech Jokes…

You can find best man speech jokes online, but the most effective ones will always be those you craft yourself. You may not like that, especially if you do not feel you are naturally funny. That is understandable, but read these tips before you toss off the idea of writing your own jokes. You only need one or two really funny jokes to make your best man speech memorable.

 Relive the Memories…

Oftentimes, the best man speech jokes that are big hits come directly from the life of the groom. As the best man, you undoubtedly have a lot of memories of the groom. You may have seen him grow up, or you may have known him during those awkward teenage and young adult years. You probably know a lot about his love life through the years, and know how amazing it is that he has found this special woman who will have him for the rest of her life.

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Spend some time thinking back over every memory you have of the groom, and make note of instances that you found funny at the time. Note things that were not so funny to the groom at the time, but which are hilarious looking back from an adult perspective. These instances are all raw sources of potential best man speech jokes.

When using real life experience from the groom’s life, you have to be sensitive to how they will feel about certain things being mentioned on their wedding day. Keep it classy and respectful, but bring up things they will not reflect on with humor or may have forgotten about over the years.

 Talk to Others…

If you do not find the jokes you want from the real life experience of your groom, talk to other important people in the groom’s life. Tell them you are trying to put together a funny best man speech, and are interested in some of their memories of the groom’s life. You should credit your source when writing out your jokes if necessary, but their memories can combine with your own memories to create hilarious best man speech jokes.

 Sample Best Man Speech Jokes…

When all else fails, find sample best man speeches online and take note of how the jokes are crafted in those samples. You might not want to copy complete jokes from a sample online, but seeing how other men have formed their jokes may give you some ideas for your own speech. For example, you can see how other best men have used real life anecdotes to add natural humor to their speeches. This may help you take some of those funny memories from your groom’s life and form them into witty jokes that get the laughs you want to hear.

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 Stop Trying so Hard…

This is the best piece of advice you will ever hear on writing best many speech jokes. Stop trying so hard! A forced joke is worse than just giving a straight speech without any jokes at all. You want the joke to roll off of your tongue naturally, as if it were not even planned.

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  1. John says:

    Really useful article. I helped my brother with some jokes when he was best man at a friend’s wedding but the guide on here is way better. The most important thing is to just go for cleverness and don’t say anything too crass. This guide has jokes of all kinds in it that you can either deliver or modify, we killed ourselves laughing at them! Definitely a great way to start preparing your own speech and we would use it again 🙂

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